Katie Melua, has anyone else bought her new LP?

Katie Melua's "Call Off The Search" I played a cut or two at AMG and bought the LP.

Anyone else think this young woman has a great voice?
I was looking for it for a while, but when I couldn't find it I had to "Call Off the Search."
That's too bad, 'cause Katie says it better

I won't spend my life, waiting for an angel to descend,
searching for a rainbow with an end,
now that I've found you
I'll call off the search.

and I won't spend my life, gazing at the stars up in the sky
wondering if love will pass me by
now that I've found you
I'll call off the search

Out on my own I would never have known
this world that I see today
and I've got a feeling
it won't fade away

and I won't end my days, wishing that love would come along,
cause you are in my life where you belong
now that I've found you
I'll call off the search
I didn't even know she was looking for me!

Did you happen to see her video of "I Cried for You"? I think Hannibal Lechter directed it. You can access it from her homepage

Yes, I have this album and agree she has a great voice. Will have to find that CD now...
Marco, the video wasn't called "Silence of the Katie's" was it?