K2 HD Disc

Anyone listen to "This Is K2 HD Sound! (Various Artists) CD?

What did you think about the sound? ..about the sixteen selections?

I really liked the selections "Heart of Glass", and "Touch".

NO SACD or HDCD and plays on all CDP'ers. Nice disc for comparing systems.

The sound is great.I like to add to the two selections you mentioned, Track 2,track 6, and track 16.The entire disc is imo demo quality.I have a few K2HD discs and love the sound of them all.
If you like explosive dynamics,check out 'Master of Chinese Percussion-Yim Hok-Man on K2HD.It will put your system to the test!
I have about 20-30 K2 discs and really like 'em. The care and attention to detail that was used in the production of the discs is quite evident in the sound quality. Many of them sound as good as any of my hi-rez (SACD, DVD-A) discs.

Hi Rlainwright,
Are you sure you have K2HD or K2. K2HD is a newer mastering process,and I don't believe there are that many out yet and nothing prior to late '07.
K2 has been out for quite a while and I also have quite a few. While some are absolutely wonderful,they are not in the league of the K2HD discs that I have or have heard.

Below is a link to a review and some background to K2HD