JVC XRCD 24 from Hong Kong

I've always wanted the XRCD release of Ella fitzgerald "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie". It's hard to find at a reasonable price. On Ebay Stairsmasters has it for the mid-teens. They have several copies available. The ad says they are factory sealed, brand new from Japan. I'm always wary of getting a copy and not the original. But at a reasonable price with a money back offer I bought it. It just arrived and the sound is fine. Does anyone know about this XRCD source? Are they trustworthy? Thanks.
If its a copy, you should be able to tell from looking at the disc. Original CD's are pressed and copies are burned. If your CD looks like a CD-R then its probably fake.

Another thing you can try is to put the cd in a computer and let whatever you use for a music player/manager do an album search for info and tags. When CD's get reissued, the track lengths can be off a second or two. That small difference may be enough for your software to pick up on what version you have.
HI Zd542 - Thanks for your reply. My cd looks very real as well as the packaging. As I mentioned the sound is very good.
Elusive Disk in the Untied States is where I purchase my JVC XRCD ,fast friendly service.
I have original first pressings of this great Lp ,over the last 40 years I occasionally come across one and have to buy it. I have to check but I think I have 3 mono and 2 stereo pressing in near mint .
This XRCD of Clap hands is just OK compared to the vinyl , listening to Ella is always a thrill however generally for me the XRCD24 is preferred to SACD.
I've bought numerous XRCDs from Hong Kong with no issues nor complaints, mostly on EBay.
A few years ago I bought the Beatles Box set off of EBAY for $80 when the list price was $250. It turned out to be a Chinese copy. The sound is o.k., but as I was reading the liner notes, of the "Revolver" album, George Harrison was spelled "Harrisun". The cd's appear to be silver originals and not CDR's. The set has turned into a curiosity amongst my musically inclined friends. The outer box has gradually fallen apart, but overall the counterfeit is extremely well done. You get what you pay for I guess.