Just purchased a pair of Atma Sphere M-60 Mk 3's upgraded to 3.3's

Hello all, I feel I’m a novice when it comes to audiophile setups. Been spending the past 10 plus years buying and selling trying to get to the top in regards to hearing what I want to hear, you know, what sounds just right!

I feel like I’m satisfied in regards to the turntable setup, got me a Thorens TD 124 Mk I that I’m in the middle of high end mods.

My current amp and pre are the McCormack DNA 1 Gold upgraded and ALD 1 with a Micro line drive phono pre. I’ve had many variable speakers flying in and out of here that I can’t remember them all. The set I’m planning on keeping will be the Klipsch La Scala’s that have the preferred type AA crossovers and vintage K55V mid horns and K77 tweeters, both metal horn variety. I’m also in the process of making new custom cabinets, something exotic.

I also have a Crown 724 R2R for my tapes and an Oppo 193 modded DVD player for CD’s.

As great as the McCormack is, I happen to come across an opportunity to pickup a set of Atma Sphere M-60’s. Having a quick demo at the persons house I was blown away by the smooth soul pouring out of her speakers. They were her late husband’s and she wanted something simple to use and was moving these onto someone who would appreciate them.

Long story short I grabbed them but now I need to ask, will the McCormack ALD 1 do the system justice or should I get a Tube Pre to match the M-60’s and if so what? My budget right now can’t afford a MA-3 like I hope for, something in the $1K range until I can move the other stuff out.

Your suggestions are much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

WTF? He's using a Oppo as I was for redbook. There are much better transports/players than Oppo at quite a bit less

Now please enlighten me/us, cuz (southern slang), HOW you KNOW the Marantz HD CD 1 is substandard. I do understand that much of the Marantz line is mid-fi, but the HD CD 1 ain't, ya hear (more southern slang)
Hey Mijostyn, he didn't have one. He had a CD player that had a built-in preamp and that was all he used to play music. Can't wait to see how albums sounds through this. I did get this at a good price.
Good Choice in my honest opinion, Once you go down the Atma-Sphere route and have the right speakers to play on. Nothing else really compares. The Key is to get the right speakers for the OTL Amps.

Enjoy the music, as from this point onwards you would not be thinking much about upgrading unless you want bigger OTLs
Tweak I did not say anything about the Marantz. Never heard one and do not care to. My CD transport is an upsampling computer. All my CDs and downloads are in high res on a hard drive. The best transport is no transport. To my knowledge "cuz" is not southern slang. I lived for 5 years in rural Alabama. Roll Tide!

No, but you certainly implied it when you wrote "Do not waste money on substandard equipment". Who are you to tell me what to do? You have no idea of why I make the choices I make

Recently, I had the experience in my home of laptop down loads, and was totally floored, but the owner spent 10 minutes just trying to sync it up. I am not a techie, and would likely have problems and wind up throwing it out the window.

I own 300+ cds and at 70+ I’m too old to transition, though I am a huge admirer. My option is to upgrade to a Jay’s Audio CDT II Mk II and a better DAC