Just Ordered...

Vandersteen Model 2Ce Sig ii's. I did some serious listening and am hoping I made the right move. I think all of their virutes lined up with mine and their vices are things I can live with. I am not sure I could do better for the price.

My question is, I still have the Cambridge Azur 640A V2 and decided to abandon the PrimaLuna 4. I would love suggestions on the best direction to look for amplification. I am thinking tubes but would love input on what works well for those who have (and love) these speakers.

I've owned several Vandersteen models, 1b, 2ce, 2ce Sigs, 3a & 3a Sigs. I liked them with McCormack amps, especially the ones with the SMc mods. I found the Belles amps to be a nice step up, the 150A Reference was my favorite.

I've not used tubes with them. Although I know many people think that is the way to go.

Good luck in your search.
If tubes, think something like RM10 or SS Belles 150A/McCormack. I used them 2CE with RM 10. Superlative.
I have used an Ayon Spirit II 30 watt triode/55 watt pentode integrated amp on these speakers and the two are exceedingly well matched. Vandersteens with tubes are great. Very fluid, smooth and yet dynamic and exciting. I'd advocate tubes. That said, I also ran them on a mcintosh SS amp and that too was nice (but not as nice as the Ayon).
I would ask for John at AudioConnection in New Jersey. He is a top notch Vandersteen expert, and knows full well what works with your speakers
Rogue Audio Cronus was perfect with my 1C's. The 2's require more power, so the Cronus Magnum should work well. I agree with Stringreen ..... John Rutan @ Audio Connection is an expert in this area. In fact, he's the gentleman who recommended the Cronus for me.
I have had great results with Quicksilver Mid Mono's, Silver 60's, Will Vincent modded Stereo 70, Will's Triode 70 is awesome and Belles 150A Hot Rod. The Vandersteen model 2 is easy to drive and there are lots of choices. Have fun...
I have a pair of 2Ce sigs matched with a stock McCormack DNA-1 and a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Sig tubed preamp......really, really nice synergy between those pieces. I would look hard at a McCormack amp.
Gustav1 , Where did you go to listen to the Vandersteen 2CE Sig2? What amp was used that made you buy the 2CEs?

Conrad Johnson has always gone well with Vandersteen. I even listened to the 2CE sig 2 with The Rega Brio and thought it sounded pretty good.
Good points. I heard them with both Leben and Naim amplification. I really liked the Leben sound. Naim was solid but didn't have the "soul" that the Leben did.

I have also heard good things about line magnetic but havent auditioned them. I just want to collect all the info I can to make short list of popular pairings and then audition everything I can.