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I have recently purchased a Jolida Fusion 3502 integrated tube amplifier from www.petery-hedden.com. Brian Higdon was great to work with, honest, knowledgeable, and friendly. He gave me a great deal. This amp sounds great with a pair of vintage Advent 6003 speakers I have, as well as with the Klipsch reference speakers I often use. What a nice clear, smooth sound- lush. The Jolida amp sounds so pleasant and natural. And Jolida now offers some gear made in USA but that is entirely out of my price range. Thanks. Bob
I also purchased the 3502 , Aluminum chassis and better parts.
There is also the more common 3502S which has thd steel chassis actually parts 
Are better thrn many dale Vishay resistors ,clarity ESA capacitors same high quality German transformer.
 I have done molding and system upgrades for years on my own.
The 3502 uses several of the top dog Vishaynaked resistors. Their own high grade poly caps and what I consider better capacitors then the Mundorf silver gold oil csps. These are thd output caps the Very New modrl ftom Rike audio in Germany th S-2 Aluminum foil paper oil capacitor all hand processed and eound ond at a time. Lityle known here Rike makes one of the best amplifiers in the world 
Exceeding 300k dollars.  I would recommend taking the fuse out buying a 6.3 amp slow blow hifi tunIng Supreme  arrow on fuse points to thd left. Good feet Herbies
Tender feet the tall ones, Herbiespecially tube dampers
I bought vintage small tubes 12 ax7, 1950s Raytheon Black plates, and for the     12 at 7  tubesBlack plate RCAs  fof $225 big improvement across the board.
For thd EL34 tubes .I bought Cryo ed tubes from Tube man in Fla. The Shaugun
Chinese tube, very hoid,same company that make the Black treasures,which are even better but 2x the cost.  I am going to really upgrade it next year the mod is about z $1,500 and will beat many units 3x the cost when finished.
For best remote volume Khozmo ,parts connecxion has are the best all relay controlled and tidy. About  $300 . First tweaks write me AVM fluid is one to research first.