Jumpers on B&W CDM 1

Has anyone changed the jumpers on these speakers to an after market brand such as Cardas or other? What are the sonic changes good or bad?
In my hundred + years of audio experience(--Mom told me a million times not to exaggerate--) Two runs of speaker wire from the amp--KILL jumpers--every time.
I agree!
Ditto on the B&W biwire! Toss the jumpers!
I agree to Bi-Wire whether with BiWire cables or two runs of single cable. If you must use jumpers you could also use a short length of the same wires you're using if possible. Places like Walker Audio have silver jumpers which are better than the brass ones that come with the CDM.
Even the An + jumpers --SUCK-- compared to 2 runs of their own wires. Don't spend a penny on jumpers;wait till you can get matching run of what you got / or a biwire set.