Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme tastings anyone?

Been on the Klipsch forum, getting excited. Been to 6moons, now seriously interested, cos i cant afford the Hovland HP-100. Experience anyone?
Am waiting on mine and will let you know in due time (meaning in next 2-3 weeks).
Thinking about posting a review.
there are some fellas on www.audiokarma.org who have them and love them. and that is a somewhat cynical bunch..:-)
Gotta say, when I first read the title I thought you were asking for opinions on a "Free Design" or "Donovan" album. Interesting looking equipment!
I live in Blighty, and we need some of that fruity colour! Am more than a little interested. Bnrlaw that review would be most welcome. did you order the more expensive mctransformer option? Mimberman its a bit surial is it not. would love it to be good enough to dispense with my Fi phy phono and Tube Technology Seer pre and taste the fruit