Nellie McKay "Normal as Blueberry Pie"

I have had this CD for a couple of months now, but didn't listen to it until this evening.

Well, lock me in a freezer and call me a popsicle...what a FUN disc. This is Nellie's Tribute to Doris Day.

The recording is superb. This CD throws a deep and VERY wide soundstage on my system. The mix of a lot of different instruments is really cool. Nellie's voice is terrific. Sweet and delicate when it needs to be.

Just listen to "Do Do Do" or "Sentimental Journey" or my favorite "Dig It". If this doesn't put a smile on your face and send your toes a tappin', then nothing will.

Very highly recommended...
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Totally agree. Do Do Do is a great song. I also like her original material.