Joule Preamp Opinions?

I am looking to audition the Jolue 150 line stage tube preamp which retails for under $5K. Have you heard the Joule preamps and do you have an opinion on them? What other preamps should I audition in this price range? I am looking to run a tube preamp with a Pass Labs X-250 power amp and want to sweeten up the sound slightly but more importantly gain a more real and natural sonic character with a deeper and wider soundstage to my current system.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
The LA 150 is absolutely fabulous. I can't imagine a better preamp in this price range. It works great with solid state amps and will give you exactly what you're looking for: this preamp has wonderfully rich and textured midrange, smooth and extended highs with a touch of sweetness, great soundstage and dynamic and gutsy bottom end. I

The La 100MkIII, which I used to own before I got my 150 is very good too: just as musical and smooth but a little less refined and definately not as dynamic and powerful on the bottom, but overall one hell of a great preamp.
Glad to hear your comments, Markxiii. My LA150 is on the way! If it helps my system as much as the new Berning amp, I'm gonna be happy...
Bigkidz, I'll post after I get it going and have a chance to listen for a while.