Joseph Audio Pulsar set up recommendations?

Just purchased a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars and would like to hear from other Pulsar owners on how they have theirs set up, i.e. room size, distance apart, as well as, from back and side walls, listening distance and toe in. Thanks
When I demoed these in a customers house he had 3' of clearance from all walls. The distance apart was 7.5' and a very slight toe in. The listening position was 11'. When seated the tweeter was slightly above ear level. Excellent speaker.
Maybe give a description of the room you plan to use the Pulsar in.
Call Joseph Audio and give them your room dimensions. I'm pretty sure they'll give you as good or better tips/advice than anyone here. They've obviously got experience setting them up in all sorts of rooms (a lot of them horrible). And, oh yes, they built the things. Congrats on a great pair of speakers -- I'm strongly considering them myself.
It's best to trust your own ears, just saying.