Jolida, to modify or not...

I have finally decided on the JD-100. I have read many of the posts here as well as reviews of the unit. I'm wondering if anyone has done a comparison between the Jolida with upgraded tubes and the parts connextion modified unit? Is there really a big difference? With all the raves here, I'm wondering just what the modification can add verses upgrading the tubes and powercord? And, does the mod take any of the sweetness away?

Appreciate any thoughts.
You are going to get replies you definitely should, and if I had heard one, I might be inclined to agree. My past experience has led me to be suspicious of expensive mods. IMO previous mods of older Jolida cd players were a waste of money. A friend of mine had it done, and it didn't improve anything. The sound was, in fact, somewhat dull. The CEO of Jolida told me tuning a component is half art. The final tweak consisted of reversing a single resistor. Imagine what sonic havoc might occur during wholesale parts swapping.

I have a stock JD 100 with marvelous tubes that defy improvement. Mods?....Why? I doubt I will spend $500 on music over the next year. Guess which investment I consider more worthwhile.
Muralman, what marvelous tubes are you using in your Jolida? I'm thinking of getting one and definitely want to invest in better tubes for it.
I just installed NOS Jan Phillips 12AX7WA's and darn
if it did not make it sound a heck of a lot better. IMO
this CPD is way to cheap shhhh!, considering some of the
other cdp's I have owned in the past. Better not
say here though which ones. :^)
I cannot tell you if the "totally" modded version is much
better than that, as I have not heard it, but I would
say I agree with Muralman1 above on where I would spend
the extra $$$.
Put a good set of tubes in it and feel like your ahead
of the game. GREAT CDP!