Jolida and Seas Odin / Tyler Linbrook Sig Monitors

Category: Speakers

I have a Jolida 302b and the Jolida CDP JD100 and am interested in some new speaks that will provide a nice soundstage and nice detail without becoming bright. I have noticed the Tyler Acoustics Signature Monitors and the Seas Odin diy kit. Both seem very similar, but the Tyler's have a nice cabinet and are advertised at 92db while the Odin kit advertises 89db.
Fist of all, are these good speakers for my equipment? And can anyone explain the db?

I have Green Mountain Audio Europa with Jolida 202 amp. I just replaced cardas speaker wire with DH Lab Q-10 for a substantial improvement in detail.

The Europa's sound stage like crazy, pretty much disappearing from the experience. My wife really enjoys the non-fatiguing aspect of time/phase corrected design. Unbelievable bang for the buck!!
i am using a modified jolida 502 with meadowlark kestral 2 speakers. granted meadowlark is defunct but product is still available.. even new in box at great prices of course. sound is marvelous and time/phase correct. 89 db rated. gorgeous cabinetry and design has great visual appeal as well as great bang for buck. lotsa reviews out there to check them out. have fun! btw. 502 puts out @60 wpc and is sufficient but i would not go with much less power so.....
I've been to Ty's factory and know he's used Jolida amps in the past. Give him a phone call and I'm sure he'll graciously answer any questions about the Linbrooks using Jolida gear upstream. He's the consummate gentleman.