Jolida 302B with B&W Natalius 804

I am currently having a pair of B&W 602 S2, I am planning to upgrade to the Natalius 804, I never tried tubes before, the only reasonably prices tube integrated with good reviewes is the jolida. I am just worried if this amplifier would be able to drive the B&w N804.... I would really appreciate your comments and suggstions.
my room is 18'x14' fairly dead. (a carpeted bedromm with a king bed and room treatments). i have used the 302b with my vandersteen 3a sigs (87db,6ohm). blasted gladiator soundtrack to extreme levels with no problem. if your situation is similiar, it should work. that little amp has some cojones.

aloha keith
Thanks atagi. My main use would be for w channel audio. The vandersteen should be very close to the N803s.. How did u like the 302B in general. What type of music do u listen to...
Any one has more suggestions please..
Hi, I'm using a Conrad Johnson CAV50 int. amp. (45W/CH) on B&W 804s. I believe this amp is roughly the same power as the Jolida. Correct me if I'm wrong but is not the 302 a EL34 based amp of ~50w/ch? My room is only 14x15 feet and there is plenty of volume and headroom.

I love the sound, rich, warm and the bass has a more rounded character than my McCormack DNA-125/RLD-1 combo. Yet I find the sound pleasing. So therefore, based on this expience the 302 will be fine. That is unless your room is BIG.
I run a Conrad Johnson Premier 11 which is 75 watts or so if memory serves and it is fine with 804's. Conrad Johnson plays VERY nice with B&W and I would recommend you spend a little extra for a premier 11 and a preamp long term you will be very glad you did as I have my current rig for 2 years and cannot find it in myself to change which is almost unheard of
I have a 302B and love it. But my speakers are easy to push,They are home made 1/4 wave single driver. They are 92db sensitivity and have no crossover to slow things down. I've run some freinds store bought speakers and although I got more bass, mids seemed more muted every time.
Nabil98, I note your post doesn't identify your preferred music, or related components, so I can only assume that you have determined that a tube amp would be complimentary. That having been said, the 302b is a great introduction to tubes and ridiculously good for the price. I had one in my system for over a year and loved it. New production tubes for the 302 (EL34, 12aT7 & 12ax7) are very good, so tube rolling is relatively inexpensive. I have only recently upgraded to a Cary SLI-80 and honestly feel the Jolida gives you about 85% of the performance of the Cary for less than 1/3 the price (new). I used the 302 with Soliloquy 5.0 monitors that are 89db efficient and had plenty of volume in an 11 X 20 room. I found that upgrading the power cord (VH Audio Flavor 4) greatly improved the peformance.

Good Luck!