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Simple guitar songs for beginning musician
Get hold of Garcia/Grisman stuff from Acoustic disc. It will blow your mind. 
Jolida 302B with B&W Natalius 804
I have a 302B and love it. But my speakers are easy to push,They are home made 1/4 wave single driver. They are 92db sensitivity and have no crossover to slow things down. I've run some freinds store bought speakers and although I got more bass, m... 
12AX7 or 12AT7
I accidenty had them switched on my Jolida 302b. It worked, but after I corrected them it was like a new amp. 
Jolida 302 convrted to a 502?
Its ponterio22554@yahoo.com. sorry 
Jolida 302 convrted to a 502?
Thanks, I have the schematic. Its the same with some exceptions, none of which I can recognized. Please e-mail me and with your generous help I may get through this. I'm at ponterio22553@yahoo.com. 
What do tube and music have in comon?
I listen to almost everything. I prefer tube because most music is recorded badly and tubes smooth it out. The worst rcorded album of all time (The Grateful Dead's Shakedown Street) is at least passable in a tube amp. 
Jolida 302 convrted to a 502?
Thanks guys, hopefully someone will give me a walk through. I am running a 94db single driver speaker set up I made myself. There better than any over the counter stuff I've tried to date, with the exception of the DAli stuff. By the by, I listen ...