jolida 302a + totem arro / pre-out for sub?

I'm looking to set up a second, small / budget 2-ch rig based on a slightly modded / retubed jolida 302a, totem arros, and eventually something like a velodyne spl-800 or a small REL or the equiv. -- what my concern is, I don't believe the jolida has any sort of attenuated pre-out (or, for that matter, a pre-out, period).

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, I'm looking for smooth, relaxing, completely non-fatiguing system to listen to at low to moderate volume, mostly pop/alt/jazz/trance (from ryan adams to norah jones to tori amos to bt). I don't need mega-bucks hi-fi, good mid-fi where I'm getting 85% of the way 'there' would make me happy at this point. I'm coming from B&W CDM1NT bi-amped w/ Rotel using a Rotel HT receiver as a pre... I know this rig won't have the slam and authority bass-wise vs. SS but I'm willing to live with a 'suggestion' of lower bass (just so long as it's NOT one-note bass, I really don't like that) and figure I can add a sub later. I love how the arro's image from what I've heard, and they are pretty forgiving room/placement wise, hence that choice. Perhaps this could be a good tide-me over until I could afford something like a Rogue 66 or 99 pre and play w/ different SS vs. tube amps (and that could provide me pre-outs for a sub, or perhaps w/ the right amp, I won't need one?)

Anyway, is that going to be a good amp w/ the arro? I've read several accounts on the Gon of people liking the 302 + arro setup - I'm in a 14x15x12.5 room and plan to do a decent bit of room treatment.

Oh, and source will be cd only, likely a CDP .3 from classe or similar (also open to suggestions).
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if SS isn't totally out of the question, i would recommend cairn's 4808 integrated. i am using a carin fog CDP paired with nanda preamp and mea monoblocks and the sound is incredible coming out of my totem tabus! the cairn's sound is non fatiguing and is incredible at low levels IMO. i chose this set-up over previous classe', plinius, AN combinations i had before. the 4808 would also offer you the pre-outs you are looking for. cairn seems to acheive hi-fi quality at a mid-fi price. i've seen the 4808 go as low as $650 on ebay, so if you keep your eyes peeled...
Check out the fully modded Cayin TA-30 offered by Paul Gryzybek of Bzzy-Bee Tube Audio Design. He performs the modifications, himself, on this already
outstanding integrated tube amplifier. One of the modifications is a pre-out for the installation of a subwoofer.

I bought the fully modded version from Paul less than a
month ago. I absolutely love it! Here's his website info: He also offers a 14 day return policy if
the amp does'nt work with your Totem Arros.

Btw, I own the Hsu-VTF-2 and recommend that you give
it consideration when you are shopping for a subwoofer.

Good luck in your search.

i have the arros in my den and they are a very nice sounding speaker for their size. if you want to go with a sub, try to get one that is fast and musical like the rel strata III, totem lightning, or vandersteen. if you don't have a pre out, you could always use the crossover built in to the sub.
rbstehno, I don't know how the lightning slipped my mind, I've heard so many great things about it from someone I know who has one... and a lot of folks on here rave about the rel stuff.

jh20s, SS isn't out of the question, but I am currently borrowing the jolida and even on a pair of B&W DM600 S3's it sounds fantastic, with a rather old marantz dvd player (DV7000 via analog out) as a source (just messing around / playing with the amplifier)... I kinda feel like learning about tubes a bit :)

BTW it's got svetlana tubes for the EL34s and stock 12a(?)7s so I'm sure there's room to play, the balance control has been bypassed as well, and I'm thinking of getting rid of the source select, as I only really need one input...
I also have the Cayin ta-30. My advice on the sub preouts- it robs from the volume pot and reduces gain to the main spkrs. I ended up wiring direct to the spkr outs and that solved the problem.

Could you explain (in simple terms) how you directly
wire a subwoofer to the speaker outs of an amplifier?
Soon, I will be using Green Mountain Europas ( 4 ohms) which will leave the 8 ohm outs available. Can I
use them for the subwoofer, or do I need to combine the speakers and the sub in the 4 ohm outs. How do you do this? Will I need to use another pair of speaker cables and hook them into the speaker inputs on the sub, and then, to the speaker outs on the amp?

My sub has two inputs. Low level rca type and high level spkr terminal type with a special connector. The sub has a BK electronics amplifier. I guess not all subs have that capacity, but I should think that most do. I just wire it up and go. Sounds great, I would prefer to use the low line levels but oh well...

My Hsu-VTF-2 has rca inputs (one for mono, the other-stereo.) I have the sub cable connected in the mono input and a y -connector connects into the
sub preamp outs on my Cayin TA-30. The Hsu does have speaker terminals and an amplifier. Could I use them?

You lost me when you said "I just wire it and go." Could you elaborate a little more with a subwoofer newbie?
I really would like to have the optimum connection set- up! Whatever that takes!

Ditch the Y connector pronto. It seems to destroy the stereo image from the amp. If your sub has any other inputs besides rca check your manual or call Dr. Hsu.

Thank you for your advice! I will do something about this immediately!