John Entwistle RIP

Sadly Who bassist John Entwistle has died,apparently of natural causes in Las Vegas.
the silent backbone of the Who will be missed .....
shit, you think he was low-key... put on who's next, Now, play track 3, side 1, relax, lthen listen to the Pete's gitar rift at the end, then let track 4 play, "My Wife", listen.. John wrote that. one of the Best Who songs of all times... my favorite. i am playing it now..."all i did was have a bit too much to drink"...

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John will be greatly missed. It is a reminder to me that we are all getting older. Every day we have a new opportunity to leave our positive influence on the people around us....John certainly did. Hey, is there anyone out there that shared the Who concert I experienced at Aaron Russo's Electric Playground aka Kinetic Theater in Chicago when they toured doing Tommy? The Kinks opened for them......what a night. Thanks John!
Jimi, Jeff, Pete, Jimmy, Eric; I could go on, but the point is we all remember the guitar heros who in the 60's revolutionized the way the instrument could be played - and there were many. But on bass, there was really only one. (Great writer and singer, too.) John's work will always have a place in my collection.

Here's the liner blurb on John from their first LP, 1965's US Decca release of "The Who Sings My Generation":

"Bass guitarist John Entwhistle, 19, is the quiet, moody one who seldom moves, but, as he says, if someone didn't act as an anchor the whole group would just take off and fly"

Here is the one from their second, 1966's "Happy Jack":

"It is not often that an accomplished French horn, cornet and tuba player turns up in a pop group on bass guitar. John is the exception. He is content to stand quite still and look disinterested, but his music proves he is not."
He'll be missed. I bought his first solo effort album some time ago. All that's in storage but I look forward to sitting down with a glass of single malt and spinning it end to end. He helped move bass playing into a more creative, melodic element and was one of the greats.
I'll miss the unique texture that his bass playing provided.
George Harrison, John Entwistle this is becoming quite a year of loss.
Not to mention that half of The Ramones are dead now. R.I.P. Dee Dee.
Wow. A day's gone by and there are only a handful of posts regarding JE. That's as sad as his passing.
John was quiet and unassuming as a member of The Who, as he let his bass do his talking for him. He took the bass guitar to a whole other level in rock music. Johns bass lines were both complex and rhythmic. John was truly the Eric Clapton of the bass. The next time we hear a clap of thunder it may just be John cranking up the bass one more time with George, Jimi, Stevie Ray, Janis, Keith and all the other greats who have past on to that Great Gig in the Sky. Let's all raise a glass to John Entwhistle. Rock on John, Rock on!
From the story on the inside cover of Quadrophenia:

"The bass player was a laugh. He never did anything. Nothing. He used to smile sometime, but the smile would only last half a second and then it would switch off again. ...skip a bit... His bass sounded like a VC10."

Stupendous bass. How could anyone with that much rhythmic drive and power remain so still, only the fingers moved.