John Blue Audio

Any of you spent time with any of the John Blue speakers, and can you share your opinions?

I'm intrigued by the little JB3 single driver speaker, and I'm considering buying a pair to play around with.

Any opinions would be welcomed.
I have a pair of the JB3's in my office and couldn't be happier with them. They have a remarkable, musical presence and their single-driver design doesn't seem to have any real downside in a near field situation. I drive them most of the time with a 10-watt Jolida FX10 EL84 amp and it's a very sweet combination.

In the summer, when the heat of the tubes of the FX10 is a little too much I use a NuForce Icon amp. It's not quite as engaging but still very easy to listen to.

I definitely recommend you listen to the JB3's if you get a chance.
I was looking at those too. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has compared them with Gallo micros or adivas, since they are all single drivers.