Jimmy Smith's best albums?

Just accidently discovered Jimmy Smith's music on an old LP. The album was in mint shape and the sound was incredible. Never would have guessed organ music could have sounded so good. Any opinions on his best albums would be greatly appreciated
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I think my favorite may Dot Com Blues followed by Damn!. However, I really like some of his older stuff as well.
Every one of his Blue Note recordings is good. The Sermon, House Party, and Midnight Special are very good starting points. Valence
My classic favorite was "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (arrangements by Oliver Nelson) until I discovered the 2 disks he did with Wes Montgomery - "The Dynamic Duo" and "Further Adventures of".
Most of the Blue Note releases were very very good. One of my favorites and the most fun is Crazy Baby. There is a smoking version of "A Night in Tunisia". The ending will blow you away.

The bomb is "Open House" the whole thing just smokes. Followed by "House Party" which is almost as good. I must mention that the sound on these is excellent on LP.

The Japanese King and Toshiba LP reissues were excellent in every way.
Have to agree with "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" The 1st cut, "Slaughter on 10th Avenue" is mind-blowing.
Also, "The Sermon," with solos by Lee Morgan, Lou Donaldson, Kenny Burrell and Art Blakey.
Any that had then underrated and now (because of Mosaic re-issue) Tina Brooks.Think this is "House Party" and "The Sermon".His last few CD's like "Dot Com Blues" and "Damn" are amazing rave yups considering his age and have everybody under the sun coming to pay and play homage to the master.I also have one I think called "Softly As In a Morning Breeze" breeze" with Kenny Burrell because it's chilled out.Read the guys bio in www.allmusic.com.He wanted to play Organ bnut some old timer told him in a club he'd need 10+ years to play it let alone master it.He then pissed off bought a B-3 and locked himself off into Warehouse fopr three months and came out the undisputed master.He was so far ahead of everybody he reminds me of J.J.Johnosn on Trombone.When heard on LP nobody thought hee could be playing a non-valve trombone and couldn't be using the slide.But like Smith he just had what it took to be the best.Another guy to check out is "The Allmighty Burner" Charles Earland-get the live "Living Black"-It's so greasy and funky you'll ears will burn off.Lasltly if you are a modal jazz fan (into Coltrane say) than pick up the one guy of many who didn't sound like Smith that being Larry Young.His new Jazz and especially Blue Note LP's are out of this world.Check out one he did with Grant Green called "Street of Dreams".But with Jimmy Smith you aren't going to get any bad lp'S Ajust slightly less than genius.Use the hardcover book (picked up cheap on Ebay) or the web site "The All Muisc Guide To Jazz" which is published in book from by Miller Freeman Press.Given how much CD's cost it's the best investment a jazz lover can make.The web site is great for snap references.Take a look at his listings before you buy and if your reallyinto the B-3 check out (on site and in book) the "Music Maps" which tell you the history of the intrument from pre-swing,swing,bop to comtemporary times and who were the dominant names on any particular instrument.
Dig it
The only Verve album of Jimmy Smith's I enjoy is "The Organ Grinder's Blues". I much prefer the Blue Note releases, especially The Sermon.
Hmmm, surprised nobody's mentioned "Root Down", I always thought that was a classic of his.
"Organ Grinder Swing" on Verve. Beautiful recording and great music. One of my most played cds.
I like Prayer Meeting too along with Back at the Chicken Shack. As far as Larry Young is concerned try to find the box set by Mosiac which has everything he did on Vinyl for Blue Note. Also check out Baby Face Willete on blue note too.
Heyif anybody is till folloowing this Jimmy is still around but given his \advanced years still palying (I think).His stuff of recent years was amazing given his age how swingin' it was.Some guys NEVER lose it.But put this up to mention Charles Earland "The Allimighty Burner".A great player who started latter in 60's and who recvently pased away was great as a B-3 player,teacher mentor etc.Check out fis LP/CD "Living Black" with of all people Grover Washington who plays amazingly staright ahead and in the pocket.But that LP is abosutely greasy and damn funky to boot!Latter check out the Earland comping on Eric Alexander's "Alexander The Great" on Soul Note.Earland was right up there with Smith,McGriff,Johhny"Hammond" Smith,and other greats when "Kickin' the 3"
Jimmy Smith passed on earlier this year. Anyone who had the chance to see him perform live was fortunate, he was a wonder on the B3. I can't think of a bad recording of Smith's...buy them all.