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Audio Technica AT150MLX finally gets some respect
Sensible Sound recommended, and called the AT150MLX the only sensible replacement for the Shure V-15 years ago. Oh well, better to arrive late, than never. 
Jazz from 1957 to 1967 was the most definitive.
I liked the jazz period from 1940 up to Bitch's Brew ( The beginning of the end ), by Miles Davis. By the way - if I were forced to listen exclusively to any ten year period of jazz on an endless tape loop, I would choose the 1955 to 1965 period. 
Being grateful for what we have
I'm with Schipo, music enjoyment is my first and only priority. Room and tweaks come second, and the rig is a laggard at third place. Life is too short and important to be wasted on someone's subjective worries. 
When It All Comes Together-Heaven
Whenever that special moment happens to me, I've always believed it was mostly due to the quality of the original tape recording itself, "i.e.", the original mastering, mixing, etc. 
To big to fail? What road are we headed down?
I agreed with most of your rant until you mentioned U.S. ethnocentrism. I also hope you feel better now that you have vented, but having lived and worked in foreign countries I can honestly state that ethnocentrism is much bigger problem overseas ... 
How high end must your system be...
I think your friend probably reads way too many audio magazines, and was trying to impress you with some foolishness he just read. Why not try this instead, invite your neighbor or the kid next door over to listen to the rig using their favorite C... 
Entry Level Turntable?
You're a perfect candidate for an used Technics SL-1200mk2, or an SL-1800mk2 that regularly show up on the Bay. Great tables with excellent upgrade paths. 
m&k speakers opinion
Are the 125's small monitors? And you are thinking about going full-range with the addition of a sub, or two? 
The CD Player Lie?
Davt, What Robert B was pointing out-was the tremendous amount of value to be found in rationally priced CD players. Nothing more, nothing less. 
The CD Player Lie?
I'm not surprised, not surprised one bit-since I reached a similar but more diverse conclusion long ago. Consumer Reports,Affordable Audio, The Sensible Sound, Corey Greenberg, Julian Hirsch etc, all have your back Robert B. 
Fafafion, I personally prefer the pain of the dcs CD playback as opposed to the pain and suffering of losing my retirement account. You forgot to mention all the full range speakers needed for true SACD playback as well as the cost involved. 
Getting Started
Sorry to hear about another bad encounter at the local audio retailer. My advice is to never visit or buy one item from that particular retailer. They won't be around much longer, if what you said is true, and I would try to find a local, regular ... 
I can't comment on SACD, but I do own a Rotel CD player with HDCD capability and several HDCD encoded CD's. Let me be blunt, whenever I seriously look for CD's to purchase, HDCD encoding is the closer for me. If you like vinyl, you'll love HDCD di... 
Where can I get components footers ?
I would go to and check out the large, stick on Isonode feet. They actually work, and are very cost effective. 
Triangle speakers not for rock?
If you like to rock, stick with Klipsch. They'll handle more power as well.