Jeff Rowland - Model 10 amp - 120/240 switchable?

Are the Jeff Rowland Model 10 and other current model power and pre amps switchable between 120 (60Hz) and 240 (50Hz)volt? If not can these amps be easily converted for 240 volt mains power? I'm considering buying a 2nd hand Model 10 amp from the US (120 volt) and would require a 240 volt version for use in Fiji where I live.

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Try these people -- I'm sure they can answer this question and any others you might have.

I've had good luck with them.
According to Rich Maez at Rowland, only the very earliest Twelves can be changed by the user. Later models had to be converted at the factory. I am not sure about the Model Ten but I would caution all of you to contact them before experimenting. An error on this issue could be very costly.