Manley Snapper Triode Switch/600 ohm switchable?

Hi Guys - Im curious if someone can explain a couple of things...

I get that the newer Snappers have a Triode switch for a smooth/relaxed vibe & a punchier/ tight feel....

so the earlier Snappers are just the smooth/relaxed : Triode switch(Ultra linear) is the punchier option with Triode switch...? 

Also speakers are Tekton Encores 4 or 8 Ohm impedance. Snappers have this XLR : 15 Kohm or 600 ohm Switchable....does this benefit me anyway? 

I have both types of the "Snappers". Both sound great...…..I keep the switchable pair on "Triode". My "Mahi's" sound great as well. The Snappers are perfect for those speakers if you wish to try them.Use the XLR's if possible. If not? 3-6db loss with the RCA's. I'm using the RCA right now with an older ARC, SL-7, Tube preamp.. Same great sound!
I just posted a pic. If you'd like to look.
Thanks buddy , wow, your rig is frighteningly cool . Just picked up the Snappers with Triode switch....guessing thats the tighter/punchier feel? Other is more relaxed....

Thanks for the XLR tip...on it...

What tubes do you recommend? 
I prefer the "Sofia", "Princess" tubes. But the "Tung Sol" are nice as well. I just learned to stay away from the Russian tubes myself....When they go bad? They can go "Really, really, bad"...…. I have the Tung Sol in now. "Very warm" and articulate.. The "Sofia's" evidently, "are just", "Hand-picked" and matched at the factory by some guy from Cali, from another Chinese brand. Maybe "Tung Sol"? Ha ha ha.... But damn they sound sweet! But those Snappers are "Voiced" with the Russian tubes...… Just be careful! Buy a tube tester and learn to use it! And "only", buy matched Quad's for the Snappers K-88's. 
Like they say;
 "An Ounce of prevention is worth a Pound of Cure"!!
     Hee hee, My rig has all the "Punch' I could ever want!!!! Ha ha ha.
 You cannot see the three "Martin Logan", "Descent", sub's…. They made a HUGE difference! Far and away the finest sub I have ever heard. Each has three 10", alum, servo controlled transducers and a massive 7600 watt class D amp....
  I use the snappers for "Mids" with the triode switch. The other set of Snappers for my "Mid-bass", 85-150Hz. The 'Sublime Audio" active crossovers are truly the 'Trick' though. They are amazing compared to any other crossovers I have ever found! Balanced And Un-balanced input/outputs, so I can switch through components at will. It just takes all damned day!
 Now all you need is the Manley, "Neo-Classic, 300B preamp", to play through!
man , do you have an engineer in room to operate everything ..? Must take about 5 minutes to turn on everything...  :) 
Wait , stay away from Russian tubes...? Aren't Tung Sol Russian? 
thanks for the info ! 
Hmm, Tung Sol does not "Sound Russian"....But I could be wrong....Am I? I thought they were Chinese.
 And yeah, "I", am the engineer! Much of that gear is for testing at the time. Though I "Have" had up to 23 individual amps hooked to the primaries at one time! "I have one design that uses 224 mag-planar  transducers simply for the L/R channels. "84 were tweets".
Uh, Tung Sol is a US company, Newark NJ, founded 1907. The name derives from tungsten and sun ☀️