Micro Seiki RX-5000 - All Switchable 110v & 220v?


Would you know whether all the RX-5000's came with the ability to switch the voltage between 110v & 220v? Or did they come with only 1 voltage for each market? The user manual on vinylengine simply states "Power requirements AC 120V (60Hz) or 220V (50Hz)". That implies switchability to me, but maybe this manual relates to an international production run and they made 110v specific units for Japan? I want to buy a unit which is currently located in the US but the seller says that it only works on 110v. I need 220v.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Happy listening.
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hi bluewolf.

i do believe the RY-5500 motor (which accompanies the RX5000 table) to be voltage specific.

i've seen motors which have been modified for a different AC voltage, but an easier solution would be a step-up/step-down.

the RX5000 is a nice table btw.

good luck.
To further complicate the matter, there's a sweet one at Top Class right now that specs AC-100v 50/60Hz.

Anyone know whether it could be used in the US without a transformer?

Nope...regarding the Top Class question.

It figures.... Out of my range anyway but it's nice to dream...:)