JBL Metregon Question. Need Help

Hello everyone. My first post here since signing up! :)

I was fortunate enough to inherit a JBL Metregon from my grandparents.

Overall it is in very nice condition. Speakers are in fantastic shape. Wood is in very nice condition.

I connected my two channel stereo to the speaker connections
on the back of the unit and played a few songs.

I notice that the mids and highs work great. There is almost no bass coming out of the main drivers. You can barely hear them even when the bass is increased from the stereo.

I am guessing that the crossovers/capacitors need to be rebuilt?

I am hoping to find someone that knows JBL/Lansing equipment and can do the job at a decent rate.

Do I need to replace the components with NOS parts? Or is it safe to use any decent grade components?

I am really looking forward to reviving this and hearing some great classic sounds from it.

Thanks guys!
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AS a GENERAL rule, you can improve the quality of the speakers by using better capacitors, resistors, inductors, wiring and binding posts. As far as the specifics for these speakers, I'd be willing to bet that others can help you out,there. A lot depends on how much you are willing to spend; some of the "butique" capacitors can run well into the hundreds, EACH!
Go to the Lansing Heritage site. You will find the the most knowledgeable people about your speakers. My bet is that your woofers need new foam surrounds. You'll need to open the back of the speakers to check this. A power screw driver would come in handy. JBL's were quite noted to have this problem. I had a Paragon in the recent past with this exact same problem. Good Luck on a great piece of audio history. Bob
Thank you for the advice guys. I will take a look at the web site you mentioned as well.
Metrogon had paper surround woofers..
The crossovers are probably the issue. It may be the wires are corroded.

One thing you can check is to push carefully on the woofer cones to see if they move back and forth. If they are stuck, they may be damaged from corrosion. (they can be professionally rebuilt)
If they move back when you press down, and back to where they were by themselves.. GREAT! then the woofers are probably in good shape.
My very first speakers were JB lansing in 1965
A friend just rebuilt his and the bass is the best I have heard period.
Great. I will test that tonight..