JBL 4319 Monitor, looking for SS Integrated Amplifier

I'm shopping an SS Integrated amplifier for JBL 4319 monitors. I have $6000. New or pre-owned.

Room is 20'x 17' with 9' ceiling

No time to audition anything but might for used Accuphase E-370. I'd probably deal with in-home trial.

As a starting point I'm looking at Accuphase E-270 Any others to consider?

Any of the newer Luxman integrated amplifiers will work and sound great.
I have the JBL 4319 monitors and I'm using a Luxman 590 AXII integrated which is 30 watts of class A and the room is 42' x 14' with an 8' ceiling. I have no problem at all getting all the volume I want. Luxman has several models available class AB that put out 100 watts or more per channel.
507 UXII
550 AXII
505 UXII
Within your price range, some new, some used.
If you want to have instruments in your listening room instead of boxes playing really nice music.....look at picking up a AYON Triton tube amp. These are indeed expensive, but I have seen the early 1st gen amps going for around 4K on AG and Ebay, USA audiomart. That's awesome considering a new one is 15K!
These people are in Arizona and are the main dealer here in US.

Matt M