Jazz Vocalist Halie Loren starts a new Kickstarter!


My favorite under-discovered Jazz vocalist, Halie Loren, has started a new kick-starter program to help fund her new album. She has been producing great music that is great sounding on shoestring budgets so far. Please consider helping her latest project via Kickstarter:


Halie is regularly featured on Jazz radio stations such as Toronto’s Jazz FM 91 (voted best Jazz station in the world) and others:


As well as on Tidal:



Thank you,

Always like listening to present day female vocalists. One  that "sticks" is very difficult to find, since you have to weed out others.

As a first time listen, she didn't grab me. Also Listened to her do a standard "Cry me a River." I thought her arraingment deviated too much from the original by Julie  London. Naturally every good artist "makes a cover their own," but IMO 
her cadence/telling the story simply didn't hold me as Julie,Ella....

Imelda May's cover with Jeff Beck is fantastic.