Jazz-suited speakers for an Arcam amp?

With a new baby in the house a few months from crawling, I am going to floorstanders from my current B&W 602 s3's with sub (coming soon to a "classified" near you). Figuring I can do better used than new, I am trying narrow what I should consider. But since I can't really audition used equipment, I hope to rely on current owners'/listener's input.

I have an Arcam AVR200 integrated and a Music Hall mmf-7. I also have a pre-historic Panasonic changer that I hope to update sometime soon. I am running Kimber 8PR bi-wire cables for now. Most of my listening is Jazz/soul, so plenty of vocals, piano, horns, and bass. I'm not real clear on the terminology the serious folks here use, but I like a natural sound, as if the performance were live; not smoothed or accentuated (warm or bright?). I will not run a sub until I set up a full HT system, so I would like something that can go low. Max limit is $1500.

After reading around, I have pretty much gotten it to Soliloquy 5.3's
Von Scweikert VR2's
Tyler Freedom's (new) or Linbrook (Used).

I am leaning hard toward the Von's. It's a beautiful speaker, great reviews on the sound - especially the bass - and loaded with shot or sand, it sounds like it would be pretty difficult for a toddler (or clumsy addult) to knock over.

All input welcome and appreciated.
If you are talking about floor standing Linbrooks I wouldn't hesitate for a second. But, the monitors would work if you weight down the stand. These are great speakers for the money and neither difficult to drive or place. I just broke in a pair of Linbrook Sig Systems and am very please with the result. My point of comparison is with speakers a bit further up the food chain than either of the other speakers you mention. FWIW.
I think the eminent Techology's are great jazz speakers. I purchased them last year (used around $800) and for jazz and vocals they are superb. I have some issues on material that is more dynamic, i.e. rock but for jazz they are amazingly transparent.
I thought I would add some room dimensions, and maybe get more responses. The listening room is approx 11x20x8, but it is L-shaped with a 10x10 dining area that merges to one end of the room. I place the speakers on the narrow wall away from the dining area, pointed at that end of the room. We will probably move in 1 or 2 years, so what ever I buy has to be able to work in a slightly smaller or slightly larger space.

Now I am also considering Paradigm Studio 100's.

Thanks for any input.

My recommendation would be very different. Spendor or Harbeth. Neither will play as low as the speakers you mention, but both will have truer tonal accuracy and better low level resolution IMO. I've never heard any other speakers that do jazz as well as Spendors, and I love jazz. Don't have as much experience with Harbeth, but I suspect that Harbeths would give Spendors a good contest with jazz recordings.

I have the Soliloquy 5.3is and run with a Sugden amp. I have no desire to upgrade, even after attending CES 2005 and hearing some better ( and more expensive) speakers.

I'd put the Soliloquy 5.3i ahead of the Von Scweikerts you mentioned but I havent auditioned the other two brands.

Just an opinion. I liked the Silverline Sonata 3s at CES and also the Green Mountain Callistos for 2 channel redbook CD listening.