Which amp is better suited for LP playback?

I need advice about power amp sound.I listen mainly to lps and looking for a powerful solid state (200 watts at least) with a used price not more than 4K.I was thinking Levinson,Pass or Krell but i do not know how these amps will sound with records.I tried CJ 2500 and ARC D400mkII but they are so transparent that they bring surface noise with all clicks and pops into the music as well.I need something forgiving to mask Lp imperfections.Thanks for your advice.
Are you using a record cleaning machine? And something like Disc Dr or Record Research cleaners? You shouldn't have very many pops and clicks unless your records are worn or in bad shape. Static maybe? Then a Zerostat gun.

Proper cartridge setup? Maybe VTA off or something causing it to up the highs to much. What TT and cartridge combo?

My vinyl setup is scary quiet.

If we can help solve your noise issue, then maybe we can get a amp that is best for your speakers, cables and front end. I don't normally hear someone picking a amp based on your criteria...it not necessarily wrong...just different.

Just some different thoughts 4 u...
You make no mention on the speakers you are or will be using. The amp to choose will depend much more on the speakers than the type of primary source in your system.
System synergy is important with all components chosen, but the amp-speaker link can be quite tricky and take many attempts to get just right.

If you tell the group more about your system, a number of people with similar coponents as yours will be able to give you their experiences as to what will and not work well with your speakers.

It has taken me 5 years to find an amplifier to work so incredibly well with the Magnepans and all the amp swapping, trial and error all this time had nothing to do with my phono or Cd sources.

Jfrech read my mind on this. Tell us about your LP playback, and record cleaning routine, and then everyone can be more helpful.
FWIW, CJ amps don't exactly have a rep for being "ruthlessly revealing". Although quite musical, commonly held view is that if anything they are a touch on the forgiving side(granted, most of these comments are about their tube amps, not ss).
Regardless, IMHO, buying gear to intentionally mask the imperfections of your upstream gear is a dangerous philosophy to use when building a system. But that's a whole 'nother thread...Cheers,
Overhang, don`t blame the messenger for the message. I agree with Jfrech and Sbank. If you want to mask the sound buy a preamp with tone controls and cut back the treble from flat. I would suggest a good record cleaning machine though. Must have a vacuum system.Also a good TT and cartridge properly set up and aligned. $4K will buy a lot.
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