Inexpensive tablet well suited as a control point for my streamers, including Sony

I must be stuck in the 20th century. Despite endless searching, I have been unable to find a tablet to use as a control point for a Sony HAP Z1ES and Roon. It doesn't have to be laden with bells and whistles, knobs, switches, meters, dials, buttons and gewgaws. It doesn't have to play through built-in speaker-like devices. It just needs to have a touch screen and a good display for album art and liner notes. It needs only enough muscle to do this without elaborate set up, constant pointless upgrades or impenetrable error messages. 
Any help will prompt me to write the Pope, suggesting your elevation to the daily calendar. 

I had the Sony and used an old iPad that had outlived its purpose as a business tool.  Worked fine with the Hap.  Or just use your phone if so equippped. 
I used an Ipad Mini as a remote control for my streamer works great and I remember it being fairly cheap.
I use an iPad Pro to use with my HAPZ1ES player.  Works perfectly. My iPhone6 can also control the Sony with no problems. 
I bought a Chromebook dedicated to stream video  for my living room surround sound  setup. It was around $150.00 and works good. no hard drive so no possibility of a virus.
No clue if it works with the Sony, but I use an original Kindle Fire using the Squeezecomander program to control my Squeezebox Touch and Logitech Media Server program.

If you just need a web browser, that's built into the Fire tablet. The 7" version starts at $49 new (and cheaper used).
Many thanks to those who were so helpful. I'm a putz when it comes to anything the least bit techie, but I've finally got an iPad Mini to work smoothly for both. 
Thanks all!