Jazz Heritage Society - How do they sound?

Guys, someone recommended the Jazz Heritage Society and I saw some CD's I wouldn't mind having, but I am concerned on the sound quality. Does anyone have any experience with them? I have purchased too many poorly recorded/poor sound quality CD's from the local stores and now either buy Vinyl or CD's (or SACD's) that have been recommended by fellow audiophiles, audio magazine reviews (quality wise, not contents wise), etc.

I'd appreciate any input.

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Are you sure you're not thinking of "Musical Heritage Society"? They did some classical and jazz vinyl pressings on virgin vinyl that are very high quality, but these are at least twenty years old. I have a Duke Ellington record that they reissued from the original Pablo thats excellent.

Could it be that what you're looking at is CD reissues from this same label?
I have purchased several cd's from JHS and the sound varies from great to bad just like buying from any store, The advantage is the great selection.
Thanks, Dred. I appreciate the response.

Grimace, it is Jazz Heritage - it's like a CD club. Thanks,
stay away. buy the original pressing.
Thanks. I will.