Jaton or Emotiva Preamp?

Hi All,
I'm in in the market for a cheapie preamp for a secondary system in the house. I've narrowed it down to the Emotiva USP-1, or a Jaton RC2000s.

The sources will be an Emotiva ERC-2 cd player, my PC running through an outboard DAC, and occasionally vinyl. The amp is an Odyssey Khartago Extreme amplifier connected to a pair of vintage Avid 103 speakers (the Avids are great old speakers, but are the next component to get upgraded after the preamp, probably to Tekton Lores).

Any guidance on the Emotiva vs. Jaton preamps is greatly appreciated. I know only my ears can really answer this question, but as so often happens nowadays, I don't have the luxury of auditioning them side by side.

Thanks in advance for your opinions,

I have never heard Emotiva's preamp, but I do have their XDA-1 DAC in my system which also includes an Odyssey Stratos Extreme amp. The sound is heavenly. Emotiva gives a lot of bang for the buck because it is manufactured in China and sold factory direct which cuts out the middleman. You can compare their products to others which sell for 3 times the price because of the factory direct pricing.

I would lean towards the Emotiva preamp myself.
Pulled the trigger on a USP-1. I'll post a review after it's arrived and I've listened to it a couple weeks.

Alex, can you provide your impressions of the Emotiva USP-1 yet? I have one on order (after a lot of research), expecting to receive it tomorrow. I'm curious to know how you feel about the preamp. Thanks!
Hi Colorfulpellets

I don't know if you saw this review from an A'gon member some time ago but here it is anyway.

Emotiva USP-1 Preamp review from A'gon member Ferrari


Enjoy the USP-1 when you do get it.
Thanks, Jedi! I did previously read Ferrari's review, but I don't mind reading it again.