Jadis Orch Ref vs opera consonance m100plus

Main difference for me at this point is

rare in Finland, probably very difficult to buy used in finland
certainly over 1200usd used in US meaning 120v meaning i
need a downstep convertor or to modify
probably a better amp than the opera

can buy used in Finland for under 1200usd
220v and a dealer in my town
made in china
probably worse amp than jadis

also how might these amps rate in comparison:
Audio electronic AE-25
TAD 60

IMHO don't mess around with equipment made for differing line voltages than what you have, as it could very well end up to be way more of a problem than you bargained for. I can't speak to any of the amps you mentioned except the Jadis, which I own and absolutely love. I have not tried to change power tubes yet (difficult to bias) so I may change my opinion in the future. Good luck on your search!
.. well i dont know if it matters because in a way these are different hiquality electronics, but i have been running 4 synths (two full keyboard and one antique), a drum machine, 100w amp, 60w fender tube amp, 14ch mix board, echoplex and other efx all on a 500w 240v to 120v step down since moving to europe in 1998 (with two 6 plug power strips), and the fuse has never blown in it... and i use i now use a 96khz 1000usd professional sound card for recording and have no problem with "noise" from the system on the recordings...nor in the speakers...

but like i said hifi might be different than musical instruments and digital recording...
What is the standard voltage in Finland? The Jadis is French and uses European voltage as a standard. The JOR is a much more expensive amp than a M100 plus and sounds quite different. I doubt that you can find one for $1200 used. The last couple on ebay weren't the Reference which is even more expensive than the regular Orchestra, and the standard orchestra sold for close to $1,500 looking well worn. Since cost is a major issue for you, if you like the sound of the Opera/Consonance, which I own, then I would buy that. It will cost you a lot less if you find one used you'll get a real bargain. I enjoy mine a great deal in my system but is not a Jadis!
My good friend is a Jadis fanatic and I heard his old Reference many times. I am not going to do a review comparing these 2 amps because I found them to be extremely different, and Jadis really can't be head to head compared because it is in another cost category alltogether. Have you compared the retail on these 2 amps? Have you heard both?
The voltage standard here is 220v. I havent heard the JOR, as they are not sold in Finland. The m100plus sounded nice. I guess my question is more what does the JOR offer over the m100 for the extra money. I am only investigating a tip from someone that the JOR might be a good choice as an amp. It looks quite nice and the reviews sound pretty good. Also, although I gather opera are fairly well put together, the chinese construction bothers me a bit, and JOR sounds a bit more solid. They are essentially the same price for me if I buy the JOR in the US or the m100 here. That is used or almost even for new. But to buy the JOR in europe, that is probable not an option unless I find one used, which may be possible, but will require a lot of effort. I plan to visit my parents in early March and they plan on coming this summer, so import taxes are of no concern with me, used or new.

So it is going to come down to a matter of is it worth it to try to get one here and deal with voltage conversion, if it is a better amp for essentially the same cost. Of couse Ill audition it first, but the used m100 might not last that long.
They are essentially the same price for me if I buy the JOR in the US or the m100 here
If that's the case and since there's no EU importation tax/vat, I'd go for the Jadis. BUT, you'd have to make sure that the PS tranny has a 230V primary (as Mechans implies). If NOT, you have to change the tranny on the Jadis which means an extra 2-300 euro (or more, if you buy fm Jadis).
With all the fine compliments the JOR has received lately , I'm sure you will not find one for less than...$1500 USD/rated 9. If its 4 yrs or older /rated 8, then I'd guess used at $1200.
But as you say very few go up for sale. Most folks feel, if they upgrade to another Jadis/or other amp, the JOR makes a great amp for a second system.
btw here's my ideal system for the JOR.
Seas Tyrm kit + Cayin 17.
I think the Trym is the better match for the JOR as its 8 ohms/less demand than my Seas Thors/4 ohms.
Though Jadis is built to drive 4-8 ohms, I'm guessing I'd get more puch in the lower with a single 8inch midwoofer offered in the Trym.
I may get the Trym kit one day.
The mids of the JOR are a 9 out of a possible 10. The bass and highs I'd rate an 8.
A rating I'd give few amps at the $2100 level/new.
What makes the JOR/all Jadis amps so nice is the extremely low level of fatigue.
Now rating fatigue level for the JOR, I'd happlily give her a 10.
Hi Someguy,
Used Jadis amps are not very rare in Germany or Holland. These would match your voltage etc.
Try hifi.nl hear.nl or audio-markt.de every now and then and I'm shure you'll find a decent affordable amp.

Good Luck,