IsoAcoustics Gaia 1

Has anyone had experience with adding the Iso Acoustics Gaia 1 isolators to either the Vienna Acoustics The Music speaker or the Liszt speaker? If so what change to sonics were noticed? These speakers sit on outriggers and am wondering if these isolators will help control mid bass.

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I have the GAIA II under my GE Triton Reference speakers and they made a very worthwhile improvement.  They got rid of a slight boom in the bass and tightened up the sound all the way around.  As an experiment, two months after I installed them on my speakers, I removed them.  The system sounded drab and dull.  I put them back and the magic returned.  I am also using the GAIA spiked speaker cups that sit on the carpet and the footer sits inside of them. My total outlay was in the $750.00 range.  Very well worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.   This is one of the few tweaks that truly worked as advertised.  
I just acquired a set of the Gaia II to go on my GE Triton 1’s. I do believe there’s an improvement ((even though I left out the washers on one speaker by stupidity.). I’m not sure how great the improvement is, but I’m sure enjoying the sound.
@rvpiano. Listen to them for a few weeks and then remove them. It should be quite apparent. That is how I did it although I waited 2 months, and now I couldn’t go without them.

Will do.
Do you think the lack of the washers affects the sound? I will insert them soon, but just wondering if they have an effect.
@rvpiano, not sure as I never tried them without the washers.  
I was going to use the Gaia on my Liszt speakers but I also needed the cups since I have carpet (second story floor).  I didn't think they would be effective on the carpet and didn't want to raise them any more using a platform.  I ended up with the Townshend seismic podiums and the improvement was significant - tighter bass, better soundstage and more precise instrument placement.
Hello Goose:

Thanks  for the information. Did you use these Townshend podiums instead of the out riggers which came with your list speakers and if so how did you attach them to the speaker. I am trying to find something to minimize the 35 hz to 110 Hz bass.


I’m beginning to really appreciate the improvement the Gaia is making in my system. Especially in Jazz recordings (unbelievable!) but also in Classical which I mostly listen to.
It was your post which inspired me to get them, as you have GE speakers.

I am estatic they are working out for you.  You will appreciate what the Triton Ones can do for you much more now.  Enjoy.

If you go to my virtual system you can see that I left the outriggers on.  I didn't spike them to the platform but did find some M16 short bolts to go into the holes where the spikes would go.  In addition I got some 1 3/4 round self-adhesive furniture sliders to put on the bottom of the outriggers (2 per outrigger) so I could easily slide the speakers into position easily on the podium and not scratch it all up.  It worked really well.
Thanks Goose:

Very interesting. I love my Vienna Acoustic Music speakers, however at times they have too much bass at the 35 to 130 hz range. Their mid range is to kill for.

Stay well my friend.