Iso Amp Under A Grand For Ascendo Loudspeakers

Category: Amplifiers

I'm just getting back into audio as a hobby/oasis and am looking for an amp to power the pair of Ascendo C8 Renaissance in the living room.
With a ceiling of a grand to spend (currently in "After Holiday Recovery Mode" here), what amplifiers should I be looking at thru Agon to power these loudspeakers?

Right now, my system is comprised of a vintage HK 730 receiver, a Squeezebox Duet, Acoustic Alchemy Dac-In-the-Box, and a B.I.C. 960 turntable/Ortofon 2m Red cart combo.

Looking forward to reading your input, folks; thanks.
This forum is for reviews, not questions.
Much appreciated, Roxy; where onsite is the best place to pose my inquiry?