Is This Feasible?

I would like to use a pair of monitors to handle the mid to high range frequency duties for music and movies. I would like to use them in lieu of the midrange and tweeter extant in my tower speakers. There are two ways I can think of to accomplish this. First is to disconnect the mid and tweeter in the tower and run the cable to connect to the terminals of the monitors. The second is to eliminate the connection to the tower for the mid and tweeter all together and connect cable directly to the monitors in a bi wire configuration.

Here is the equipment involved:

B&K AVR 507 (version 1)
150 watts @ 1khz @ 8 ohms
28 Amps current (peak to peak)

Energy Veritas 2.3
200 watts (recommended). Configuration would utilize two 6 inch woofers per channel.

Energy Veritas 2.1
100 watts (recommended) Configuration would utilize one 6 inch woofer / one 1 inch tweeter per channel.

My local B&K dealer has told me that this receiver is capable of driving speakers far more demanding than my 2.3's. I'm seeking Audiogon expertise in this matter. Is this configuration a possibility?
Is This Feasible?

What is wrong with the tower speakers that you have that you feel compelled to do this ?

Why not look into getting different speakers ?
Go for it.Your only young once.If that......cheers,Bob
Don't both speakers use the same mid and tweeter? So, other than allowing you to position the "woofers" in the 2.3's from the Mid/Tweeter in the 2.1's, what purpose would this serve? Wouldn't be easier to just use a sub, or a pair of subs, with the 2.1's and set the crossover a little higher? I wouldn't recommend setting it too high or you'll risk being able to localize the bass.
Thank you to everyone for your input.

Riley804: The midrange dome tweeter in one of the towers is blown. I believe the culprit was a showing of the latest "Hulk" movie at theater levels. The dome midrange does not take kindly to Hollywood sound effects. I love the characteristics of the dome midrange but it is a $300 repair. My wife is not too keen on making the repair considering the fact that it would be the second time in less than a year. So, I'm looking for alternatives using the equipment I have.

Usblues: Good advice. I'll assume that your encouragement suggests that you believe the B&K can handle the load.

Prpixel: Both speakers do use the same tweeter. However, the 2.1 does not have the dome midrange. That is the 2.2. If I had some 2.2s I would just swap out the modular that houses the midrange and tweeter and would call it good. The 2.1 has the 1 inch dome and a six inch woofer. Incidentally, I noticed that you used quotation marks when referring to the woofers on my 2.3s. Are they more appropriately identified as drivers?

Is there anyone who would caution me that the B&K could not handle this type of configuration?