Interconnect with RCA and XLR connectors feasible?

I have just replaced my Lexicon MC-12B processor with a Meridian G68 that sound much better. The Meridian processor has, different to the Lexicon, XLR outputs for the amplifiers only. The XLR outputs are (according to the Meridian rep) not 'truely balanced' outputs but single ended outputs using XLR connectors. One of my amps and the active subwoofer have RCA inputs only. So:
Is there a technical option to have interconnects that have XLR connectors on the receiving end and RCA connectors on the delivery end? Is it possible to modify the connectors without compromizing the sound characteristics of the cable? Would one use a truly balanced interconnect (I have a spare balanced NBS Serpent II or a Transparent Audio MusicLink Ultra) and replace an XLR connector with an RCA? or would one use a single ended cable (I have an MIT 330 handy) and replace the RCA connector with an XLR one?
You can get an adapter. There may even be some available here on audiogon. Do a search. If not,
Of course it's feasible and you'll find such products offered by many manufacturers, including myself. For a pseudo-balanced connection like this, make sure that the core of the cable is the same as a standard RCA cable - not balanced!
There is a problem how to terminate the unused pin on the XLR connector. consult with the manufacturer, but in any case do not short it to ground!
I think you need more info about the Meridian outputs. I doubt that a manufacturer would use XLR a connector for a single-ended signal, although this can be done. If that is true you need an appropriately wired RCA on the other end of the interconnect.

I think that what you may have in the Meridian is a "quasi-balanced" output. The (+) signal pin is active, but the (-) pin just has a resistor so that its output impedance is the same as the (+) pin. Such an interface when connected to a balanced (active) input circuit will exhibit the same noise imunity as a "true" balanced interface where both (+) and (-) signals are active. If this is the case you should use a regular balanced interconnect.