Is this amount of record/tonearm bobbing "normal"

Most records sound fine, but a few of them (shoegaze, Interpol) with extended chords sound bad, uneven.

This could all be in my head. I'm new to this.

Kindly take a look at a brief video and tell me whether my platter is warped?



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It’s actually tough to tell if the entire platter is actually fluctuating or if it’s just the machining is off giving the illusion it’s the entire platter. I would pull your mat, it looks to be a big contributor in this. Otherwise, what everyone else said is correct. Records are rarely dead flat. 

platter cover is definitely rising/lowering

could be it, or primary platter below.

remove it, check primary platter, warped, misaligned?

make a vertical grid to view thru

or, buy one of these


Try doing the video with a tripod supporting the phone. Your handheld video even braced to the table is too unstable to accurately judge the platter wobbling or not. To me this looks pretty normal but you’ve got some pretty great items there and I can understand you wanting it right. 


I would say this is going to be bad for the bearing. 
take everything off except for the platter and turn on the table. If that platter is moving up or down or side to side you have an issue. It could be something is not devoted underneath. If the platter runs smooth as silk the rest can be fixed easily. 

This is an age old problem with Td 124s. The table was designed for commercial use which meant immediate cuing of records which it does with a clutch that lifts the very light outer platter off the heavy inner platter which keeps rotating while the other is stationary. The outer platter is soft metal and can easily be deformed which is what has happened here. 

I hate to be the one to tell this to the OP but this is a terrible design for a modern audiophile turntable and should be kept aside as a interesting side path in audio antiquity. Time to get a new turntable. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of antiques. Get yourself a modern up to date design. If you do not want to see your tonearm bob at all get a table with vacuum clamping.