Is there a logical successor to the mighty Sennheiser HD414/424?

Very interested if there truly is such a beast in captivity.
I have extremely fond memories of my old HD414 and 424 from early 80,s.
Cheap as chips but incredibly musical and the best bang for the buck you could get in cans, at least in England.
So did/does anybody make a very worthy successor?
You know, cheap, light, near indestructible and excellent sound.
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Those were great headphones Uber. I had a set of the 424’s. 

Bought some newer Sennheiser’s (which I never really use), and although pretty good, went searching for that old set to compare, and could not find them anywhere. Unfortunately. I may have tossed them. Not sure.

I thought I heard/saw they were coming out with a model similar, but not sure.
I may just buy an old pair of 414/424......

See if the rose tinted spectacles are broken or not.

The hd580 might be a great set of cans but not really in the “ cheap as chips” category.
Listen to Grado earphones....not that expensive and very musical
You could be right in that the sr60e/80e look like their effort to be the hd414x for the modern masses although it also looks like they have been around quite some time too.

Might not be a " logical successor" but the AKG M220 also appears to have the requisite chops.