Is there a Great Integrated Tube amp for $3-4K

Looking for a great integrated that holds resale value with EL-34 sound, about 75-80 WPC with the good qualities of tubes, without sacrificing a S/S sounding Lower end?
Take a look at the Balanced Audio Technology integrated (I think the model number is 300x), it may fit your price range (new) depending on the options you choose. You may have to stretch some but I've heard it and well... if I had the scratch and wanted an integrated I'm not sure there's much better out there.
VAC Avatar has 60 watts though is supposed to sound more powerful and has excellent bass and midrange according to what I have read
I went through this very quest recently and the short answer is no, it doesn't exist. I ended up back at separates. I would second Jeff's recommendation to look into the BAT VK300x. The only problem is that they're still so new that they're definitely going to lose some value over the next few years. Not a problem if you plan on keeping it awhile.
Not to mention that the VK-300x is more than $4k. A decked out one with all tubes is right at $6k... Very nice sound however! Arthur
Belles 250i.

120 or 125 into 8ohms, separate PS, hybrid (tubes in driver/pre stage). Newer design, surely up there in sound and quality, though admittedly I've never heard it.

$3k list, you might be able to cut a deal.

Also, VTL IT-85 (is that the model ?). VTL is well-known for their tube "heft" and power.

Best 'o' luck !

Todd - chams_uk
Ensemble B-50 Tiger(?) I think it was.. great amp, you very rarely would see it used
Do yourself a favor and check Rogue Audio. Not sure about model name and specs but have heard it recently side by side to BAT (same dealer) and defenitely more musical and better overall than BAT which is very good. Also less money.
Rogue Tempest is the name. Good point - a very nice integrated. I was impressed when I heard it a year ago or so (on Tannoy D700). Arthur
Look at the Audiomat Solfege Reference -used. It's not quite at the power level you asked for and it is a 6550 based amp but I think it competes very well with the other top integrates anywhere near this price.
Audiomat has a new model called the Opera which is el-34 based but will be impossible to find used and it retails for around $6k
The Audiomat line is relatively unknown here in the US but well worth the effort to get to know.