Is their a CD recorder that can do this ?

In the Digital Domain compensate for drastic sound level changes while making a compilation disc? Otherwise you have to manually adjust sound levels track to track in the analog domain. THX
Some of the newer pro CD burners like the Sony have digital volume controls.
What you are asking for is basically some type of ALC ( Automatic Level Control) circuit. In the world of "high end audio", this is a big "NO-NO". In the real world when making compilations for personal use, it can come in handy. Can't make any comments / suggestions other than if you do use some type of device or program that offers this, you can typically expect the sonics to suffer. Sean
The Alesis MasterLink has a feature called Normalizer. It basically scans your entire track for the highest volume. It than applies a multiplier so that the peak volume equal to full scale. In other words, after normalization, all your tracks will have the same peak volume. Nomalizer is not ALC which may compresses dynamic range. It works really well but you have to run normalizer a track at a time. Also, you don't want to run it on quiet passage of classical music or you will make them sounded as loud as the loudest passage.
Sean is right, your sonics will take a hit. Most of the new burn programs have a setting in the recorder menue called volume leveling that you can turn on.
Sorry , my fault, I should have mentioned for a home {non computer} cd recorder. Thanks.