Is Larry Zurowski still in charge at Magnum Dynalab?

I have owned many of their best products, but a recent contact with a different person was not the best.  Needed a fuse for a  unit and all I  got was a price for the fuse.  

Larry Zurowski has retired from Magnum Dynalab.  I suggest you call Jim

Richards at MD and ask him.   

I think Jim Richards (president) is a good guy. He is super quick responsive to my email questions. If you want a great tuner Magnum Dynalab is the way to go. They have solid state tuners and Triode (tube) tuners. They have a great trade-in / upgrade program for your old MD tuners. They also have used tuners that you can buy if your looking for a good deal. The only issue for me is whether to buy their MD105 which is their top of the line solid state tuner or the MD105T tuner which uses only 2 tubes. How much trouble can I get into with only 2 tubes.?