Is it worth repairing or re-tipping?

I have two cartridges that gave me excellent service. One is a Blue Point P-Mount I used with an adapter I scored in a turntable trade and one a JVC MC-1 low output MC cart I found in a box of old audio gear I was given. My carelessness caused me to break off the cantilever on the Blue Point and the JVC went sliding across my platter mat when I was adjusting Anti-Skate and VTA and hadn't lowered the stylus guard. I think the stylus tip was damaged and I want to know, if it can be repaired or re-tipped or is it toast. Secondly I want to know if a new cantilever can be installed on the blue point or if it is toast too. Hard and expensive lessons we all have to learn but if there's a fix and it makes sense I want to hear from those of you in the know.
Generally no, especially re-tip. Difficult to do a re-tip that does not damage the cantilever and mount. Also, it is not very cost effective given a shorten life of the cartridge.
It is probably not worthwile to re-tip [ re-build ] . I believe that your Blue Point would be worth $$ on a Trade -In on a NEW Blue Point . It might be worth it . Check The Needle Doctor , Music Direct or Acoustic Sounds for Info .

Also , the NEW Blue Point is a much better Cartridge than the Original .
The JVC MC-1 is kind of like a moving-coil Decca, in that it uses printed micro-coils that are mounted very close to the stylus (perhaps 1 mm away from the stylus). As a result, there is little clearance between itself and the LP, but in return, detail resolution is quite high. It is a much smoother, much more capable, all-around performer than any of the Deccas that I have heard.

Output level is rather low at 0.2mV, and coil impedance is a bit high at 30 ohms, so most phono stages will find it a real challenge to deliver the resolution and dynamics that the MC-1 is capable of.

It is an interesting performer that is well-worth repairing, IF you can find someone who is up to the task.

FWIW, the original cantilever is beryllium, and the stylus is a Shibata.

There are some specifications here:

In contrast, the Blue Point may not be worth the effort of having it rebuilt.

kind regards, jonathan carr
The soundsmith repairs are well done and worth the money for a decent cartridge. I have had 5 redone with great resuts. But I dont know that a blue point is worth the money.