Repairing Apogee ribbon speakers- help!

One of my Apogee Acoustics ribbon monitor book-shelf speakers (RM) has broken. The 4-inch ribbon tweeter sounds unusal as if it were losen. Unfortunately the manufacturer was closed down, does any one know any company that can repair my speaker? Hopefully they are located in California. Thanks Patrick
REPLACEMENTS RIBBONS NOW AVAILABLE! Replacement ribbons are now available from a source in Australia. These are newly made ribbons, not old stock. Fitting instructions will be available for those of you out there who wish to perform d-i-y replacement. Alternatively you may have to find an original dealer who is capable of fitting them for you. Speaker models Ribbon type Product code Later model of Stage Centaur Minor Centaur Slant 6 Cepheus 6 26" 6 element with circuits on each end GRAZ 26-6KS Diva Midrange 3 element GRAZ 3E-D Caliper Signature Mid/tweeter 3 element GRAZ 3E-CS Duetta Signature Mid/tweeter 3 element GRAZ 3E-DS Full Range Original ali-only 2" GRAZ TA-MR Roller/weight fit kits available, comprising weight with strap and roller. Contact Graz at for pricing. For immediate assistance on any other Apogee speaker problems why not post a question on the Apogee Acoustics Users Group Forum where other Apogee users can share their knowledge with you. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Updated 10th November 2000 Good news for all Apogee owners, replacement ribbons are now available from a source in Australia! Click here for more information Apogee Acoustics were one of the very few builders of full range Ribbon speakers. Sadly the company was forced to close in 1998. This site is intended as a information resource for present or future owners of Apogee speakers I don't have any direct association with Apogee, but I have owned Stage's, Duetta Signatures along with a DAX3 and now Diva's. I believe Apogee's speakers to be without equal in terms of their realistic sound qualities and the ability to produce a 3-D soundstage along with bass that makes most cone speakers sound at best vague and 'one-note' If you have any information regarding Apogee models shown on this site, have any reviews which should be included - or if you wish to correct any information which may be incorrect - please e-mail me I would also appreciate system information from Apogee owners, which amps you have found work best with your speakers, tips on positioning and any useful upgrades you may have done to your speakers, etc Join our mailing list and get informed of updates and important Apogee news Enter your email address below, then click the 'Join List' button: Powered by ListBot My current system, favourite music & Hi-Fi history A big thank you to all the people who have e-mailed me so far. This site is always 'under construction' as I receive new information constantly Jon (Webmaster) E-mail -
Have apogee stages,one speaker frame broken in moving.
Like to know any infornation on geting it repair.

I have a purchased a pair of Dali ikon 1 Mark 2 speakers and I'm more than happy with them for the price they offer a good degree of accuracy and respond well to my amplifier the Rotel ra-10.
during a manic drunk up session last week the speakers got accidentally turned up to 12 and this was too loud for my stereo, even with in the space of 1 minute the speakers had started sounding fuzzy and old.
on the advice of a contact over the Internet who informs me that there was a residual charge in the driver's which was affecting the performance I left the stereo off for 3 days and during this time which was for the charge to naturally dissipate they had magically repair themselves!I'm not sure but this may only apply to ribbon speakers.
I'm so happy I still have a stereo and I want to share this information with everybody because it could well save someone from throwing out a pair of speakers which could have been reused given a little bit of a rest.

Hello I have recently purchased my first set of apogee ribbon speakers and am determined to get them fixed and repair the many breaks in the cords of ribbon that have corroded away, after attempting soldering several spots I am not confident in my repairs that this will be worth my time is there any direct replacement part or someone to contact where I can purchase replacement ribbons for these awesome speakers I'd love to hear play again? Or any possibility of best solution and products that work on reconnecting each broken cord securely, what is the repair product and name of what I may find and successfully finish repairing what I've started ... Please any possibility you may have useful information contact by email at and I'll be very greatfull for anyone's information. 
You could go here and see if you can find what you are looking for:

There is a link on the page to worldwide installers as well with names of people you can contact for information.

If you are in the US Bill Thalman at Music Technology or Rich Murray at True Sound Works are expert Apogee restoration experts. I'm sure they can help.

Well let me chime in on this one, I have the Apogee Duetta and after talking to various people on the Gon, I would have to ship this pair of speakers and build a box out of wood= $200. Now let's talk about shipping these HEAVY speakers and with the price of gas in California $4.15 to $ 4.75 the price would be around $500.00 to $ 600.00 for a freight shippers to send them to Nevada, so I left a messsage on the web site of True Sound Works. they Never got back with me and that was 4 months ago!!!! now being that this speaker system is 20+ old you know you will have to UPGRADE the crossover, so the guy that had his speakers rebuilt cost him $ 5,000, i am not READY to CHASE DOWN A SPEAKER REBUILDER for $5,000 and because over time the ribbons will sag again and here go's another $5.000. if you have the money to burn have at it, when I was reading this guy's post about his rebuild a old saying came to me and it go's like this " A FOOL AND HIS MONEY WILL SOON PART" Good luck with your speakers.