Repairing braided speaker cable

I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on how to repair a braided speaker cable that has been slightly damaged? I have a pair of Kimber 8tc that the jacket has been slightly worn away on a couple strands in one particular spot. In this case, I'd rather not use heat-shrink around the whole wire, as I need to re-insulate a couple of seperate strands to protect them from possibly touching. I was thinking about using something like liquid latex to touch up the small places where the plastic is missing. Do you think this might work? Any other suggestions? The defects are very small, but I just want to ensure that the positive and negative bundles cannot possibly interact with each other.
How about plain old electician tape? Its worked for electricians for many years! As long as it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb,I would think this would be fine.
Thoman, the problem is that the cable is so tightly braided, I'm not sure I can get the piece of tape around the wire...
I've used a product called "Liquid Tape" to help create a watertight seal when doing boat wiring. It would probably work in your situation.
you could use small sections of heat shrink that has the adhesive on the inside. Just cut it and slip it over the wire then heat it. Im guessing the adhesive would hold long enough to where you could then put a large piece of heat shrink over the entire affected area. Just a suggestion.
well, I got some liquid tape, so I'll let you know how it goes ;)