Is it my Apple TV or the Internet Radio Stations?

I have an apple TV hooked up to my Dacmagic to my hi-fi

The Apple TV is the only device on an "N" type router to the internet

I have configured the router as recommended by the manufacturer.

I have completed a channel scan to ensure there is no interference from other routers

Music from my computer streams without a hitch

However, the internet radio stations cut out all the time - there appears to be no reason for this.

I can re-connect easy enough, but it's a PITA!

I think it's the ATV - since it has been plagued with problems form the get go

Anyone streaming with ATV having the same problem?

Does anyone have problems with hi-fi streamers like the Cambridge Audio NP30?

Many Thanks
UPDATE: I thought I'd try running the same internet radio station through my iMac with a wireless connection to the same router

It appears to run without a problem - suggesting that the problem is with the Apple TV

Signal strength is good on both systems
I had trouble with my apple tv2 not streaming or cutting out with everything. I have att uverse and had my airport extreme set up to connect to the internet through the uverse router and provide a n network. When I changed the apple tv to connect to the internet through the uverse router instead all the problems went away.
Hmmm - this is not sounding good

I have also tried connecting to my Bell b/g Modem/Router and a Netgear b/g router.

Perhaps it only really works with apple routers?

But then - why would the iMac work and not the ATV - shouldn't they be conforming to generally accepted network protocols?

Very frustrating
Just had Internet Radio run overnight with no breaks

Read on the net that if you are connected to a computer via "Home Sharing" and that computer has power saving invoked it will cause the ATV to disconnect
- tuned off power sharing - seemed to work

Also - some routers have an "Auto setting" for some of their parameters
e.g. WPA-Auto

Selecting these seemed to allow the ATV to maintain connection

Some Router channels seeme to have an effect on ATV Internet Radio
e.g. Channel 3 on my router allowed the ATV to connect to computer for streaming, but could not access Internet radio

I think the ATV probably works well in an "ALL APPLE" environment, but anything else is a PITA!

I'm still thinking of the CA NP-30, since it plays 24/96Khz files

Will keep you all posted