Is anyone using a external music server with the PS Audio Directstream Dac???

I got fed up with Mconnect with the bridge on my PS Audio Directstream DAC. The App sucks! Terrible interface and within my network, many glitches...I don't like glitches! I had a Bluesound Node 2 just sitting around, it was used in my previous system. So I am now using the Node just as a streamer and using the Bluesound App. (I just use Tidal) Great interface, NO GLITCHES? I'm using the optical from the Node to the Dac. It will only unfold MQA to 48/24. To be honest, I don't know if I could distinguish 96/24 from 48/24! Is anyone else doing the same? I hate the fact that I have to use a external server with this expensive DSD. I'm rural,cannot use Roon because I'm on a satellite internet service. Plus don't really need it. I cannot hear a difference from the bridge. You would think PS Audio would have a proper App to correspond with the DSD. Any input will be appreciated
Came up with a better solution...I'll use the Bridge with my critical listening and the Bluesound with my morning, background listening. I'll keep them both in the Network... This way I can also utilize the MQA with the Bridge. I have not done a critical A/B as of yet. I think the Bridge will give me a deeper/ wider sound stage compared to the Bluesound...Also a blacker background...
I used a few different Aurenders with the DS DAC.  Sounded great, great interface, but not really a difference sound wise from the bridge.  There are several alternatives to MConnect.  Go on the PS Audio forums and ask what people like as an alternative to MConect.
Thanks for the input. Not really many choices with the bridge on the DSD. It may be a issue with Mconnect and the Apple device (Ipad). The app on Aurender units looks great.
PS Audio doesn't have a choice of which app to use with the Bridge II as the creator of mConnect is also the manufacturer of the Bridge II, Conversdigital.  This same combo is used by multiple other manufacturers. With most of them the board is hard-wired in and not a slide-in card like the Bridge II.
Thanks for that info. Other companies use versions of Mconnect, however they have worked out some of the bugs. I would think that PS Audio would have Conversedigital polish the app up? Aurender's App is made by Conversedigital. When you think about it, makes me scratch my head. You have a product that you list for 5999.00 (love that number) and you don't have a highly functional app to use the product with? The people at PS Audio are good folks, TJ, Joey, Mark, James, Kevin, and they always try to help you. BUT! If you have a question about the App Conversedigital does not seem to have a very open line of communication with PS Audio...