Is anyone else streaming Amazon Music through a Dot.

I hooked my Dot to my preamp and am surprised at the sound quality of Amazon Music especially in Ultra HD. I have a Cambridgeaudio 851n and it's good but isn't any better. I use it with just the Dot by telling it what I want to play or through my Mac and Amazon app. Anyone else having similar results?
My 10 yr old daughter does and she loves it. For me, borderline unlistenable, although I appreciate some of the different artists available (EG, Garth Brooks) on Amazon v Tidal. 
She’s my audiophile in training and for now the dot with dedicated amazon music plan is keeping her happy. 
I’ve recently added Amazon Ultra and am quite happy overall. Nothing beats Spotify’s interface and algorithms IMO, but Amazon is pretty good. Their library at the HD Ultra level of subscription is quite amazing.