Is a Harmon Kardon 825 and 870 worth selling?

I recently bought a Plinius 8100, and now have 15 year old Harmon Kardon pieces. Does anyone have a ballpark idea what they are worth? The preamp is the hk825, and the amp is a 100w hk870. Thanks for any input.
I would guess the preamp, $100 max., the amp, $200 max. Perhaps someone with Blue Book prices will answer this thread. Or, you can call your local audio retailer, who can look these up. Keep in mind that there are 3 tiers of prices: Retail Used, Wholesale Mint, Wholesale Average. Most likely, you will get Wholesale Mint, maybe a little more. Of course, depending on condition.

They were cute pieces, and I'm even tempted to buy them from you, from they probably don't sound that great compared to today's stuff.
And as I like to say, some of us on this site(and the others) get a little too snobbish with our gear, there are some other people out there that think this is great stuff, or just have one piece broken and would like to replace it, etc. And you know what? They are right and its alright with me if it gets them listening to the music, the other thing that we forget its all about sometimes. Preamp might break 100 but I doubt it, amp will do 150, 175, maybe 200 if you have original box and manuals and its in great shape physically, cause a lot of times thats more important than the way it sounds to some people, also true on the more expensive stuff as well. It is still a better investment than a lot of the 250 dollar all in one pieces out there today. Don't want it, send it to me. Yes I have better, but I gaurantee I will find it a home where it is appreciated.
By the way, people that import Plinius are a very, very, class group of folks. Enjoy your amp.
i hear ya john. i have a little 870 laying around as well. it is a good little amp. the preamp i dont know , but i bet it sounds ok. hell put it in a little video system. or throw it in a ring and jvia and i will fight for it.
You can sell anything on eBay. Even broken stuff for parts.

I'm running Maggies with my HK 870 now. It's a fine power amplifier--given its age-- and made when Harmen Kardon was a real company, not selling consumerist crap.

The HK 870 is a made in Japan amp with power supplies spread throughout and nice engineering and has true 100 watts per channel and a lot of torque to back it up. It's not new, no, but it's a well made box sturdy amp with nothing to go wrong.

It definitely has a market