Inverted Polarity Correction Question


I have a Rogue 66 preamp and understand it inverts polarity. I also recently opened up my MSB Nelson Link Dac and saw a jumper that can inverts phase, so I was wondering if I should use this feature to correct the phase? Any experience here? Thanks much in advance.
Keep it simple Socrates. . .just reverse right and left interconnects from preamp to amp and you should be good to go!
That will work if it's your only source, but really all you have to do is run your speaker cable from the positive terminal on the amp to the negative terminal on the speaker, and negative to positive.

I can reverse phase on my cdp, but I used to keep it positive for reference and switch the cables instead when I had a preamp like yours (AIM3a). Some cds sound better to me reversed (in a completely unscientific eyes wide open no controls subjective assessment).
The answer that Paulwp gave above is correct and to the point!
Timo was joking, of course, since all that would accomplish is to reverse left and right channels. It would have no effect whatsoever on polarity.
Re: Reverse polarity on CDs: Somewhere there is a website with a list of CDs that sound better with reversed polarity. I only know of a few and have marked those CDs - anyone know where this list resides?
Fi magazine once published a list of labels with inverted signals, but they were full of shit. All you can do in try it both ways. Unfortunately most expensive dacs do not allow such a change and very few preamps have an invert switch.