Intergrated tube amp recommedation for B&W703's

Just yesterday I've heard an intergrated tube amp from an Italian manufacturer at a local shop in Grand Rapids (sorry, I didn't write down the name) and was highly pleased with the sound. I think it only put out somewhere around 20+ Watt and sounded wonderful to me.

This got me thinking again about replacing my current amps and try out tubes, which I never have tried before.

Do any of you drive their B&W703's with a tube amp? If so, any recommendations you could make?

Currently I have a Musical Fidelity pre and a pair of Electrocompaniet AW220's.

I might replace the 703's with a pair of PMC OB1+ speakers if I can find them for a fair price. Think the sensitivity of the OB1+'s is lower though then the 703's I currently have.

Would that still work for a tube amp? I don't usually play music at overly high volumes if that helps to know.

I've heard that B&W's don't work well with tube amps but I could be wrong. In my case, I have a 15W tube amp that is very picky about speaker selection.

You could try the NAT Audio Symbiosis SE which is a tube amp 100wpc in pure CLASS A. It's a hybrid design.

This integrated amplifier will work with just about any loudspeaker.

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Musical Sounds...How much is the Integrated? No prices on website.
Might want to check with Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound to see if he knows if either the Soundquest SQ 88 or the Consonance Cyber 100 Sig (55wpc, 50 wpc, respectively) mate well with B&Ws - I bought both 'sound unheard'to power the Tyler Acoustics speakers in both of my systems and have been very satisfied. If you have any interest in doing so don't be put off about the Soundquest because it isn't a house hold name, IMO it is a very nice amp for the bucks, and is especially nice to listen to if you go with moderately priced NOS preamp tubes. The Consonance is a real nice amp as weel - Good luck